Pot Luck Party

At this time we just came back from school! We went there to met the other students from our adult program!! People from America, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Russia and last but not least Germany, just sit down and relax for a while... We ate together some very special kinds of food from each country that everyone is from. It was such a great experience! I had eaten "Sushi" and, some kinds of backed fish from Korea. Also a typical meal from Turkey, for sure, without that dirty pork!!!!  In the evening we will go out with Soojin, she is a girl from Soul (South Korea)! We could not go to the I-MAX cinema because they only will have opened until 5 pm. But it is really no problem, because I'm looking forward to go out with Soojin in the evening. She has got a very nice kind of personality!! Everytime it's a pleasure to meet her!

So, that's all I have to say for today. I think that my english skills have improved so much. I hope that the mistakes in this small letter aren't that much...

See ya!

Yours sincerely, Thomas

P.S.: My  last Test was also an "A"!! I made only two stupid mistakes...

27.7.07 22:31

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